Well my friend 藍子倫 has created yet another wonderful video that captures the natural beauty of Taiwan! 藍子倫 previously created the video I featured some months ago about Beigun Tidal Park in Taiwan. This video captures the beautiful scenery that is part of Taipingshan National Forest.

Taipingshan National Forest includes a trail by the name of Jiancing Historic Trail 見晴懷舊步道 which is also featured extensively in this video. There is also a lake that runs through Taipingshan called Cuifeng Lake. Watching this video made me realize again how many areas in Taiwan are pure natural beauty.

I usually focus on city life and city videos of Taiwan night markets and subways because this is what I usually enjoy. But  for those of you like my friend 藍子倫, who enjoy the fantastic outdoors, you will love these nature videos that he creates from the natural scenes of Taiwan.

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