Matthias Dallmann Taiwan Student

Matthias Dallman: Pig’s Blood Cake

I have come across an amazing video artist that is currently living in Taiwan and attending school at Fu Jen Catholic University near Taipei. His name is Matthias Dallmann and he is from Germany, just like my mother is! You might be wondering why I am writing about Matthias since this is normally about Taiwanese artists.

However, Matthias shares a love for Taiwan as I do and has a created a fantastic video about a Taiwanese traditional food by the name of Pig’s Blood Cake 豬血糕. Pig’s Blood Cake 豬血糕 is considered a very traditional food in Taiwan and most Taiwanese love to get foreigners to try this!

This video that Matthias Dallmann created about the food is done so perfectly that I honestly couldn’t stop watching it! The music score was beautifully done and his accent is just so nice to listen to. My friend Nefi who owns El Cafe restaurant near Taipei also did some of the camera work in this video.

If you don’t know what Pig Blood’s Cake is please take a minute to watch this video to learn more about this Taiwanese traditional food. Even if you do know what it is, I think you will really enjoy this video. Oh, and please help Matthias win a competition with this video by voting for it here: Voting ends March 3rd, so do it today!

I tried Pig’s Blood cake 豬血糕 once last year in Taiwan. It wasn’t that tasty in my opinion but I am willing to try it again in a few weeks when I arrive back in Taiwan. Maybe I will learn to like it! Now, I just hope Matthias Dallmann continues to create these amazing videos about Taiwanese Traditional food 台灣傳統美食!