ThinkTaiwan.com was created by Mike Price in July 2010. The purpose of its creation is to showcase and highlight all the great talent and cultural aspects of Taiwan. Too many people across the world dismiss Taiwan as just being a small country or never even think about it at all.

Think Taiwan was originally created as a small blog where I (Mike Price) would write articles about anything and everything Taiwan. This included articles about Taiwanese music, Taiwanese movies, and even great Taiwanese food! However, I knew when creating Think Taiwan that it would turn out to be something bigger and better than ever to help promote Taiwan, the Island of Bobee!

What is the Island of Bobee? I created the name Island of Bobee to describe Taiwan as it is similar to Taiwan’s other nickname, Formosa. Bobee is a Taiwanese word that means “Blessings of the gods”. I truly feel that Taiwan is an Island blessed by the gods!

The next time you hear about Taiwan….

Think Entertainment!

Think Wonderful Food!

Think Fun Adventures!

Think Friendly People!


Mike Price T.I.M.H.