Harrison Chao ABC Lost in Taiwan

Harrison Chao: ABC Lost in Taiwan!

I want everyone here at ThinkTaiwan to meet a new friend of mine who loves Taiwan almost as much as I do! His name is Harrison Chao and he considers himself the “ABC Lost in Taiwan”. ABC means American Born Chinese. Harrison is from Georgia, went to school in California but his family is from Taiwan!

He is now in Taipei, Taiwan and has created an amazing video series available on Youtube called “ABC Lost in Taiwan” I am very excited because when I go back to Taiwan in a few weeks I will have the opportunity to meet Harrison Chao in person for some delicious Taiwanese food!

“ABC Lost in Taiwan” has now had about 50 episodes recorded from Taiwan and all of them can be found on his Youtube Channel for you to watch and subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/user/hchizzle

I encourage everyone that wants to know what an American Born Chinese guy thinks of Taiwan to watch his videos. Harrison’s videos are also good for those who never been to Taiwan before as they include very good details about the foods and traditions of Taiwan. Another reason they are great is because of Harrison’s sense of humor! So funny!

The video below is one of Harrison Chao’s latest videos from his ABC Lost in Taiwan series. It is a very fun video filmed at Shida Night Market 師大路夜市 at a place called Waffle Prince 鬆餅王子. I chose to show you this video because I love waffles! I am so excited to try this place in a few weeks! Waffle Prince 鬆餅王子 looks amazing!

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Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/hchizzle

Twitter Account: https://twitter.com/#!/harrisonchao

Facebook Fan Page: http://www.facebook.com/harrysonchao