Taipei Walking Tour 台北城市散步

Have you ever been to Taipei but felt a little overwhelmed about all there is to see and do? Or, have you been dying to visit but not sure if you are able to get around all by yourself? Well, there is a new walking tour for tourists in Taipei and is English & Japanese speaking!

They even offer tourists and locals the opportunity to have a custom tour. Below is the information directly from the Taipei Walking Tour group:

‧ Taipei is much more than just Taipei 101, and we know exactly how to show you.

The reason we are not so eager to take people to the famous spots is because we

want people to know the holistic history and culture of Taipei instead of only the

recent decades. Taipei has more to offer than you can imagine.

‧ Tours with different themes to cater for different needs.

If you see yourself as a history and culture nerd, or you love to soak in the most

beautiful natural scenery, or perhaps if you love food porn better than real porn, you

will surely find something here.

‧ Custom tours available.

We understand that sometimes regular tours don’t match with your schedule, so we

offer private tour designed for you!

‧ Language gap? No worries! We speak English and Japanese.

We understand that it’s such a pain when you don’t speak the local language. Don’t

worry, we’ve got your back. We have bilingual tour guides whom you can

communicate with without difficulties.

‧ Reasonable charge

We provide quality service and charge you with a reasonable, affordable price.

‧ You feel that you become smarter after simply taking a 2-hour walk….

You will suddenly feel as if you are the master of Taipei…

‧ Moreover, your friends think you’re smarter too….

Yes, you can chat to your friends like you’re the master of Taipei and they will be

terrified of your newly acquired wisdom.

‧ Support a local business.

We are a locally founded enterprise. We love our city and we are dedicated to

making this city’s tourism industry move forward in a good way. We don’t take our

customers to shopping places and we don’t take any commission from any shops: we

only recommend the best from our hearts.

We pay our guides with a decent salary because we know they are the most

important Intangible asset of our culture. We also give each participant invoice,

which means we pay our tax.

These high demands require your continued support so we can keep providing more

people with high quality tour services.

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