how to start a business in taiwan

How to Start a Business in Taiwan

Have you ever wanted to start a business in Taiwan or ever wondered how it could be done? Well, I am really excited to announce that a friend of mine who is living in Taiwan has finished writing a book called “How to Start a Business in Taiwan“. My friend is Elias Ek, president of Enspyre.

The book has tons of helpful information on this topic and really is the number 1 “go to” resource for anyone considering creating a business in Taiwan. You will no longer need to search the internet all day for answers to your questions when it comes to fulfilling your business dream in Taiwan.

How to Start a Business in Taiwan” answers all the most fundamental questions as well as more challenging questions on business creation. Here is just some of the questions that will be answered for you once you buy this book:

  • How do I setup a branch office in Taiwan?
  • Is Taiwan a good place to start a business?
  • Can a Foreigner own 100% of his Taiwanese company?
  • How can I get a work permit to reside in Taiwan to manage my business?

More of the finer details will also be covered extensively for you such as, setting up the business, language barrier issues, pension, business culture and etiquette, financing your business, and much much more! So seriously, stop the wonder and pick up this book!

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