Introducing Taiwan Chinese Academy

Hello ThinkTaiwan! I am Wu Hao co-founder of Taiwan Chinese Academy. Today I would like to introduce my school to you. TCA is a Taiwanese Mandarin language school that is newly opened in Taipei.

The reason I am starting this school is because of the great joy Taiwan has given me and I want to share that with others. We want to support the Mandarin language learning community with small and fun classes.
Our teachers are experienced in teaching Mandarin but the what’s most important is that they enjoy teaching and take pride in seeing the progress of their students.

Feel free to come by our school if you want to Think Chinese and start speaking Mandarin.

Our website:


1 thought on “Introducing Taiwan Chinese Academy

  1. Studying Chinese demands time and effort and it is neccesary a proper guide to teach us this interesting language. I found these qualities in TCA. The teachers have helped me to understand the grammar which incidentally is very different from my native language and have found ways to make us practice. Gradually my Chinese has improved. It has been an unforgettable experience to study in TCA these five months. I definitely recommend it.

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