02 – DIZZY DIZZO (feat. MJ116)

(The article below is written by Rhym_Man)

Wow, I think I’m in love with Dizzy Dizzo…

What an amazing collaboration, I’ve been listening on repeat for last 02 hours (and I plan to listen on repeat for at least another 02 hours).  Just can’t get enough of Dizzy Dizzo’s flawless flow and E-So’s chopper flow from 1:48-1:54.  Of course Kenzy and Muta both did a wonderful job as well.  Once again Kenzy’s rapping in Taiwanese has made me mesmerized. And whoever made the beat did outstanding, the 808 makes me feel so dizzy (dizzo) in a good way 🙂

Here’s the link so you can listen to it too:

(By the way, my new album is out, it’s called “Opus 3: Eradicate the Threats”.  It features some big hitters like Twisted Insane and Bizarre of D12. Please check it out so I can maybe one day fulfill my dream of working with MJ116 and Dizzy Dizzo 😀 )