MJ116 taiwan rap

頑童MJ116 – Jungle

When their previous music video, Beats Myself And I, dropped I thought “WOW can anything be better than this?” boy was I wrong…

  1. Kenzy’s voice
  2. E-So’s flow
  3. Muta’s gold chains

What else could I ask for in life?

Their new music video, Jungle, dropped last night and it blew my mind. It was literally so AWESOME it blew my mind… That is why I was not able to write about it until today.

I have followed this group since they were underground, and my goodness have they improved. Now if you asked me who the greatest rap group is, I would say MJ116!

I believe it is our job as Taiwanese people to spread to the world how awesome our Taiwanese rappers are! Below is their newest music video, Jungle!

Beats Myself And I: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NSnzcqnDK0s