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MJ116 Just Believe


Article below is written by Contributor “Rhym_Man

So everytime I hear a new MJ116 track, I get the sudden urge to write another article about them. Why? Because they never cease to amaze me.

This morning they released a new track called  二手車 and it is wonderful, E-so’s flow outstanding as usual and Kenzy rapping in Taiwanese just sounds so super awesome!

This group of rappers have inspired me so much.  Flashback to 2010 when I was just this kid with nothing special, I heard this track by MJ116 called They Want So More.  I immediately fell in love with their music and it has completely changed my life.  I started rapping because I wanted to be just like them and now 5 years later I am also a rapper (although not very known at the moment) with a couple albums out (Inferior Minds (feat. Twisted Insane) and Anime Girls are my best tracks so far in case you were curious).

My dream is to one day work with MJ116. I believe one day they will be legendary 🙂