Dwagie大支 & Dalai Lama MV

If you follow ThinkTaiwan  and haven’t heard of Dwagie大支 it is probably because of his recent name change. Dwagie大支 is a Taiwanese Hip Hop artist formerly known as Dog G. Dwagie大支 is known as the first rapper in history to make an entire album in the Chinese language.

If that isn’t impressive enough for you, he is also the only hip hop artist in history to collaborate with the Dalai Lama himself in a music video. It is a true shame that he hasn’t yet become famous in America. However, this certainly may not be the case for very long as Dwagie大支 recently did a music video with Nas.

I am extremely proud of all the work Dwagie大支 has done over the past years to truly bring Taiwan into the American Spotlight. I wanted to share with everyone the music video of him and the Dalai Lama as its a very emotional video that makes you think about your life and the world in which we all live.

The music video is completely subtitled in English and in Chinese which makes it even better. The song is extremely gripping and discusses the world’s problem of violence and hatred among other injustices. The song is titled “People” and the music video is officially titled “大支 feat.達賴喇嘛 – “人”.

You will see this compelling music video below, but if you also want to check out the MV of Nas and Dwagie called “Refuse to Listen”, then check out this link: Nas/Dwagie Refuse to Listen Please share this article with everyone to help shed more light on all that Taiwan truly has to offer!