Introducing Taiwan Trivia

This week, I came across a brand new website from Taiwan that is aimed at the foreigner community around the world. It is called Taiwan Trivia and can be found at Their website was created by some amazing Taiwanese artists to teach the world about Taiwan through animated video.

And, because it’s goal is to teach the world about Taiwan and it’s culture, the videos are done with English monologue as well as English subtitles. Finally, we can enjoy some Taiwanese animated humor without having to know Chinese thanks to Taiwan Trivia and the Taiwanese artists that bring it to life!

Since the website is new, there is only one video produced so far. The video is called “How Yellow is Your Urine?” which is obviously a funny sounding title for a video about Taiwan. However, it goes into detail about how Taiwanese workers view their daily lives in the office and in their careers.

I have included the animated video from Taiwan Trivia below for your viewing pleasure. However, after watching this video, I do hope you take a few minutes to visit their website at and give them some support by liking their Facebook page: