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GodSpeed Taiwan with Lee Teng Hui


WHEN: May 3rd and May 5th at 15:00

GODSPEED TAIWAN pursues the complicated — and often controversial — issue of Taiwanese politics through interviews with top politicians in Taiwan, the US and Japan. Los Angeles-based production company Gatling Pictures has created the first international documentary in more than a decade to look Taiwan’s history of martial law and its uncertain political future. Interviewees include former Taiwanese president Lee Teng-hui, Japanese PM Shinzo Abe, US congressional representatives, media mogul Jimmy Lai, filmmaker  Wu Nien-jen and top politicians from Taiwan’s two opposed political camps. The film will have its international premiere at the Urban Nomad Film Fest in Taipei on Friday at 3pm.

Taiwan remains divided between those who strive to establish closer ties to China and those fighting to maintain the political status quo and more, the United States continues to toe a precarious diplomatic line with regard to Cross-Strait relations. By “opposing” Taiwanese independence, but also promising to adhere to its pledge to militarily defend Taiwan in the event of an act of Chinese aggression, the U.S. policy of intentional ambiguity has created great confusion about its role and responsibilities in the Asia Pacific.

The film is helmed by director/producers Jeff Broadway, an American, and Kai Boydell, a Canadian. The main producer is Taiwanese Sam Lang. Together, they aim to represent the myriad of opinions about Taiwan and the realpolitik that will determine the island-nation’s future. “Our goal in producing this film is to strike a balance between politics, culture and history and offer a fresh, contemporary perspective that an international audience can understand.”

Through exclusive interviews with Lee, Abe, former Taiwanese presidential candidate Peng Ming-min, DPP legislator Hsiao Bi-khim (DPP), Justin Chou (KMT), US congressman Lester Wolff (D) and other top policymakers, as well as rare footage of congressional hearings on Taiwan, they hope to catalyze an international conversation about Taiwan’s fate and the balance of power in the Asia-Pacific region as a whole.

“Godspeed Taiwan” will be shown as a “work in progress” at SPOT Huashan as part of the Urban Nomad Film Festival of Taipei at 15:00 on May 3rd and May 5th. The filmmakers are actively seeking finishing funds for post-production — hence its “work in progress” status. Following the Sunday, May 5 screening, there will be a discussion panel featuring the film’s producers and journalists Michael Cole (Taipei Times), Martin Williams (president of the Taiwan Foreign Correspondents Club) and Taiwanese journalist TC Chang. Everyone — politicians included — are welcome to participate in the discussion.

WHAT: Theatrical screenings of GODSPEED TAIWAN

WHEN: May 3rd and May 5th at 15:00

WHERE: SPOT Huashan (No. 1, Section 1, Bādé Rd, Taipei, Taiwan)

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