Free Hugs Campaign Taiwan!

Well, hello!
This is my first post here and it couldn’t be a better day to do it!
I’ve been here in Taiwan for 8 months already and I only have 2 more left, but I definitely want to come back. Maybe for college, who knows!
Oh, I’m here making my exchange, by the way. I’m from México.

Today I finally did it: The free hugs campaign!
I’d always wanted to do it, so on December 25th, me and my friend Nicole (USA) we did it at school! (Yes, we went to school on Christmas, haha)
That motivated me to finally do something “bigger” so I made the event on Facebook hoping that more people wanted to join.

The big day came and I’m proud to say that it was a complete success!!!
Around 2 o’ clock, we showed up in Ximen, just Nicole, me and our signs, hoping for the best.

At the beginning the people just looked at us, but slowly they started to came and BOOM! Our first hugs and pictures!
Some of them were really shy, some of them werereally happy and excited, we had all kind of reactions.

After a while, an Australian friend came and then he brought the other people.
The more we were, the more people that came to us!

It was a lot of fun. We were rejected plenty of times, but we hugged more!
And it’s incredible how many people come, even if they are shy, asking for a picture, or giving us hugs. And it’s amazing when they hug you tightly! I love this! I love making people smile and today we surely did!
We also danced “Gangnam Style” and got a lot of public.

We were there giving hugs for 4 or 5 hours and even though we were dead by the end and I couldn’t feel my cheeks anymore (I couldn’t stop smiling), it wasworth it!

Taiwan people can be very shy, but they are very friendly too!

I love them because most of the time, they are willing to help you.

This was our first time, but definitely not the first one!

If you saw us and have pictures, please send it to us!

This is our Facebook page:

We’re starting, but be ready, because we’re coming back!!