Taxi Diary Taipei Tours

There is an amazing new tour now being offered in Taipei, Taiwan by a travel company called Topology. The new tour is called “Taxi Diary Taipei” and was created by interns working for Topology. This is one of the most interesting tour ideas that I have ever heard and I think you will feel the same. If I was still in Taipei, I would totally do this! What is Taxi Diary Taipei?

Taxi Diary Taipei is a tour offered by the Topology travel company in which tourists can hitch a day long ride with a Taxi driver in Taipei as a front seat passenger. During this tour, the Taipei Taxi operates as normal picking up passengers along the way. This allows for the tourist to meet many local Taiwanese people and to see roads which are not on the tourist map.

Stephanie, one of the Topology interns who created the project, reached out to me about this tour and connected me to one of the tourists who took the Taxi Diary tour. Her name is Emily and she told me she truly enjoyed the Taxi Diary tour and highly recommends it to others to meet new people that you would otherwise not meet while on vacation.

Emily even told me that she made Facebook friends with one of the Taxi’s passengers during the tour! She said that most all passengers were extremely friendly and made conversation with her during the ride. This doesn’t surprise me at all since I know how friendly everyone in Taiwan can be, especially towards foreigners.

Another tourist by the name of Harry took this wonderful Taxi Diary tour and Topology actually filmed his reaction to it once it was all finished. Below, you will find the video interview of Harry on what he thought of the Taxi Diary Tour. The video’s sound is quite loud due to heavy traffic, so I recommend turning down your volume for it as there is subtitles to better hear what Harry has to say.

And, if you are visiting Taipei and want to take this fun Taxi tour then click the link below in order to sign up. A half day (4 hour) tour is around only $30 US dollars. They even have a special price listed on the website for around $12 US Dollars. Sign up today so you don’t miss the exciting new Taxi Diary Taipei tour! Be one of the first to experience the fun new way to meet local Taiwanese!

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