Wandering Taiwan by Wandering China

Wandering Taiwan Video

I have just stumbled upon a fantastic video called Wandering Taiwan filmed by a Singaporean of Chinese descent. Wandering Taiwan is just one of the chapters of a visual diary that this very creative Singaporean has created. He goes by the name “Wandering China” and is the creator of the site WanderingChina.org.

The Wandering Taiwan video displays amazing imagery as well as some key knowledge about the Country of Taiwan including the fact of its freedom and democracy! In fact, Wandering China explains on his Youtube channel that Taiwan is the perfect example of the democratic sensibilities of the Chinese mind.

Wandering China has traveled extensively including to 10 Chinese cities and both the SAR’s. I am extremely pleased that he felt the need and desire to travel to my favorite place in the world, Taiwan! In this Wandering Taiwan video, you will be touched by all the amazing places and things that Taiwan has to offer to China and the rest of the world.

Wandering Taiwan includes places such as Jiufen, Ximending, Shilin Night market, National Palace Museum, Taipei City mall, Taipei 101, Taipei Railway Station, Taipei city hall, and much more. Please take the time out to watch this entertaining and informative video about the Democratic Country of Taiwan.

Also, don’t forget to check out more about what “Wandering China” thinks about Taiwan on his main blog site which can be found at WanderingChina.org. From there, you can browse by topic where you will find the topic, “Taiwan”.