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Paul Chiang in 寶米恰恰

Paul Chiang is a Taiwanese actor that I have had the pleasure of making friends with during my trip to Taiwan in 2011. Paul was gracious enough to take me to a hot pot restaurant where we talked about his life and career in acting. I first learned about Paul in his movie Au Revoir Taipei which was directed by my friend Arvin Chen.

I am now proud to announce that Paul is starring in a brand new Taiwanese movie called 寶米恰恰 Cha Cha for Twins.  寶米恰恰 has just been released in Taiwan theaters this past weekend and you can see the signs for this movie on buses around Taipei as we speak.

寶米恰恰 Cha Cha for Twins is a funny Taiwanese movie about two twin girls who play on the same high school basketball team. The stories in the movie revolve around the love lives of each of the twins which is usually the case with Taiwan comedies.

I am really hopeful that 寶米恰恰 Cha Cha for Twins is the movie that will really help my friend, Paul Chiang get more exposure in the Taiwanese acting scene so that more and more people can see what a great actor he is. He played a very funny and loveable character in Au Revoir Taipei so I am interested to see what he does in this movie.

I have included below an awesome interview clip with Paul which discusses 寶米恰恰 and the role he played in the film.  Also, you will find the Facebook Fan Page information for 寶米恰恰 Cha Cha for Twins below so please help support Paul by liking the fan page and share this article with your friends! OH and go watch the movie! Thanks ! 🙂

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