Au Revoir Taipei Movie Review

Au Revoir Taipei: Movie Review (W/Trailer)

Last month I presented a short film called “Mei” written and directed by Arvin Chen. Today, I am doing a review of his first feature film, a Taiwanese movie that I feel is the best movie of the year, hands down. Let me preface this review by saying, you must see this film!

Au Revoir Taipei is a romantic comedy of sorts written and directed by Arvin Chen. This movie has it all! Romance, Comedy, Suspense (even if it’s silly), and plenty of moments of sheer joy! I honestly could not stop smiling throughout the entire film. It gives you that “good feeling” and never disappoints.

Au Revoir Taipei presents Taipei in a light that many may have never realized. It shows that Taipei can be just as romantic as a place as Paris. Taipei is a city full of romance, joy, peaceful nights, and lots of fun! This movie does the city plenty of justice by highlighting all these great things about Taipei.

When watching this film you will notice that what makes this movie really special is the fact that it was filmed on location in Taipei. Never have I felt closer to Taiwan before without actually being there. This movie does the best job at capturing what real life in Taipei is like.

Gangsters, night markets, heartache, romance, and  silliness, are some of the great aspects of Au Revoir Taipei. Arvin Chen deserves 4 thumbs up for this film. The most amazing thing is that it’s his first feature film! It also won the Berlin Film Festival Award!

I have included the Trailer of the movie below which does have English subtitles just like the Film. You can purchase the DVD of Au Revoir Taipei by clicking here (region 3). I would love to hear everyone’s comments on what they think of the movie! I also highly suggest you tell all of your friends to watch this film! I already bought my copy!