Lotus Wang Pianist Taiwan

Pianist Lotus Wang 王美蓮

While browsing Youtube today I was thinking about the famous Lotus Wang who sang the popular song “Bobee” that I love so much. So while doing a search for her I stumbled upon an unexpected but very delightful surprise! I found an amazing Pianist from Taiwan by the name of Lotus Wang 王美蓮.

This Lotus Wang 王美蓮 from Taiwan plays the piano with grace and does so beautifully. I could not help but watch quite a few of her almost 50 Youtube videos, many of which include other performers singing along to her playing.

There is many of them I could have chosen to feature on this particular article but the one I chose is her cover of Falling Slowly originally performed by Glen Hansard. What compliments Lotus Wang’s piano skills so well in this video is the beautiful voice of Singaporean singer, Derrick Hoh.

Lotus Wang 王美蓮 is not just a wonderful Pianist but also the founder of Martian Music in Taiwan which actively searches for music talent. She has also recorded her own albums including her first one that was released in 2005. She is also a music trainer and Derrick Hoh happens to be one of her students.

Please watch the video below to see how wonderful her piano skills are but also listen to the sweet sounding voice of the music artist she helped train, Derrick Hoh. Please help support Lotus Wang 王美蓮 by “Liking” her Facebook fan page as well as checking out her Youtube channel and website!

Lotus’s Facebook Fan Page: http://www.facebook.com/lotuspiano

Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/10f2010

Official Website: http://www.lotus-wang.com/

Derrick Hoh’s Facebook Fan Page: http://www.facebook.com/derrickhohonline