Yang Shih Cheng Taiwan Piano Artist

Yang Shih Cheng Piano Artist

I want to introduce to the world, an amazing piano artist from Kaohsiung Taiwan named Yang Shih Cheng 楊仕宸! As you probably know, I love to show the world what amazing talent Taiwan has to offer and videos like the one I am showing today make me feel so great to be able to be in a position to promote Taiwanese talent!

Yang Shih Cheng 楊仕宸 lives in Kaohsiung Taiwan and does a beautiful job on the Grand Piano. He calls himself an International Piano Artist and I totally agree with this nickname! Yang has videos on Youtube playing the piano to famous American songs such as We found love by Rihanna and It will rain by Bruno Mars.

The particular video I am sharing today is Yang Shih Cheng playing a cover to the song 末班車 by 蕭煌奇. Another thing I love about this video is his pride for the great Country of Taiwan that he displays by setting the Taiwan flag on top of the Grand Piano.

Yang does not currently have a Facebook Fan page but hope he gets one soon. However, you can subscribe to him on Youtube and make friends with him on his Facebook account which he also lists on his Youtube page. Below is his contact information so you can become Yang Shih Cheng’s newest fan!

Yang Shih Cheng’s Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/YSC790917

Yang Shih Cheng’s Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/shichen.yang