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MJ116 New MV: Just Believe

OMG! I have just finished watching the absolute best music video ever done by a Taiwanese music group. If you know me already, you know this is a very bold statement considering I have watched and loved tons of Taiwanese music videos. I have never wrote a featured article about this Taiwanese music group called MJ116 but I have included their own fanpage under the “Music” section.

I must admit, I didn’t know much of their music when I created their fanpage on ThinkTaiwan but I did so because I made friends with some of the group members via Facebook. About 5 days ago MJ116 uploaded a brand new MV called Just Believe. At the time, I was very busy and couldn’t really watch the music video.

Today, I decided to take time on my day off and watch the music video. And really OMG ! MJ116 has got to be one of my number 1 Taiwanese music groups now! Their music video “Just believe”, actually brought me to tears! The song includes an English chorus which is why I was able to understand it so much. But not even just that. It includes amazing visuals which tell the story without needing to know all the lyrics.

The MV is about a young Taiwanese boy who grows up to be a man but  feels defeated by all of life’s challenges throughout each stage of a man’s life. It depicts each hardship that many Taiwanese men have to face which include, school, military, business, and family. Each with its own particular stage of difficulty. The message of this beautiful song is Just Believe and continue to keep your head up no matter what you face in your life.

It certainly does not suggest that your life will not have challenges. In fact, it goes out of its way to show you that life will indeed have all of these challenges and more. However, the beauty is in the fact that a man (Taiwanese or not) can keep his head up and keep his faith. Belief comes from the soul of man and can keep one going throughout the physical and mental challenges of a man’s life. My hats go off to MJ116 and E so chen 冒險王 (Lead vocal) for putting together the best Taiwanesse MV I have seen!

So please watch this video and be prepared to tear up a little bit (if you have a heart) Help support the great Taiwanese music group MJ116 as well by following them at the following links. Please let me know what you think about this MV Just Believe by MJ116!

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