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UPDATE 12/20/2012:

foodpanda gives you 40 % off on Christmas + New Year’s Meals

foodpanda Taiwan – the first international online food delivery
platform in Taiwan- is offering killer deals for Christmas and New
Year meals in celebrating its first Christmas in Taiwan. First time
customers of foodpanda can enjoy a staggering 40 % off on their
holiday meals from some of the most popular restaurants in Taipei for
take-out or delivery, and get a chance to stay at the 5 star hotel “Fleur
de Chine” in Sun Moon Lake!

With Christmas around the corner, for people that are having a tough
time booking places, for newcomers to the City that do not know
where to go for legitimate Western Style Christmas dinners, and for
those that are scared of the crowd, foodpanda is bringing you a hassle-
free festive holiday with your friends or loved ones. Food from well-
known restaurants such as Carnegies, The Diner, Forkers, Coda, Toast,
NCIS Sushi, and selective shops of Subway can all be enjoyed at a
special price privately at home. All you have to do is to make a pre-
order on foodpanda or call our hotline; 0800-252-522 before 9pm
on December 22nd. Most restaurants have agreed to extend the deals
to New Year’s Day 2013 on a 24 hrs advanced order, also through
foodpanda only.

For more information on the choices, how to order, and
how to win a sweet getaway to Sun Moon Lake, please
click here to be directed to the special campaign’s landing

foodpanda wishes everyone a sensational holiday season!

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Original Article:

Have you ever craved a Subway sandwich, Japanese food, or even a Taiwanese dish but were too lazy to go out and pick it up? Or, maybe you don’t want to go out into the hot sun of Taipei to get it. But what if you hate to call in an order because it is too much hassle?

Now, you don’t have to thanks to a startup called FoodPanda Taiwan. FoodPanda Taiwan was formed on June 1st, 2012 by two brilliant young entrepreneurs.  One is a Canadian Born Taiwanese and the other a Taiwan born Taiwanese who has tons of experience studying and working in the US, Canada, and even London.

FoodPanda Taiwan allows you to quickly and easily order food online with just a few clicks! FoodPanda includes a full interactive menu of each restaurant that delivers right to your door and allows you to select from a variety of available restaurants. FoodPanda reminds me of GrubHub here in the US which I use frequently.

One of the most unique things about FoodPanda that I like is they allow you to pay the difference if the food you order does not meet the minimum charge requirement. This plays well with the Taiwanese culture of not wasting food. Don’t order the food if you won’t finish it all, just pay the difference!

The next time you are craving food but don’t want to leave your house order it online with FoodPanda Taiwan! Currently, FoodPanda Taiwan only services Taipei. However, if business does well they look to expand to the rest of Taiwan.

To get started, go to and order some delicious food.

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