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Hulu/Netflix in Taiwan!

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Do you find yourself living in Taiwan but missing your favorite American or British TV shows? Do you hate the fact that you can’t watch Hulu or Netflix while living here in Taiwan? Well, now you actually can watch from right here in Taiwan! I have found an amazing service that lets you do this for a very very small fee.

In fact, they even give you a free trial to see if you like their service. The service is called Unotelly and for their premium package which allows you to watch unlimited Hulu and Netflix from Taiwan costs only $4.95 per month! The best part is the fact that it isn’t a “VPN” service so there is no speed or quality issues at all.

You honestly won’t even remember that you are using Unotelly’s service while watching your favorite shows on Hulu or Netflix. I personally use their service everyday of the week to keep up with my American TV shows on my Hulu plus account. But Hulu and Netflix isn’t the only thing you can watch from Taiwan using Unotelly.

You can also choose from all your favorite channels online such as ABC, Adult Swim, CBS, HBO, Fox, NBC, and many many more. Plus, you can even listen to your favorite music on Pandora or Spotify from right here in Taiwan using their service. Believe me, this is an awesome service that I am extremely happy to have stumbled upon.

So don’t wait and don’t be homesick again for your favorite shows and music! Try their free trial and if you decide to Subscribe to their service you can get 10% off by using this Discount Code at checkout: “MikeTaiwan” Be sure to spread the word to all your foreigner friends here in Taiwan so everyone can feel more at home while in Taiwan.

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