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Taiwan Protests for Freedom

Think Taiwan has never posted anything that remotely appears as “Politics”. In fact, I have gone to great lengths to keep Think Taiwan from ever saying one word about anything political in Taiwan. I did this so that this website could be on a neutral ground and to serve all those who love Taiwan regardless of their political beliefs.

That time comes to end today on 3/22/2014. Taiwanese students across the great Country have decided to finally stand up and speak out for their right to freedom and democracy. I am extremely proud of the Taiwanese students and truly believe that taking over the Legislative Yuan was the right thing to do.

When Taiwan began their Protest for freedom and democracy earlier this week, they were standing up for their rights as a democratic Country. They were not asking for any type of special freedom or special rights. The KMT Ruling Party took it upon themselves to pass a bill up the chain for a vote without doing the normal line by line clause review.

I feel that since Taiwan finally got brave enough to speak out against the KMT, it was then about time that this website, Think Taiwan finally stood up for Taiwan as well and their voices of democracy. However, since I am not currently in Taiwan, I don’t have  any of my own pictures or exact knowledge of each moment that passes by during the Protest.

But, I am providing all the links below to everyone who has been a blessing to Taiwan during this entire Protest this week. These people have done all the hard work of letting the world know exactly what is happening in Taiwan as it happens with live blogging, live video, and wonderful photos of the situation as it happens.

I also want the world to know that ThinkTaiwan.com stands for a Free and Independent Taiwan that is not and never has been a part of China. The events in Taiwan this week has grown a fire within me to do my best to publish more and more articles on Think Taiwan more often. The site may even change focus in the upcoming months.

Please help Taiwan in their fight for democracy and freedom from Communist China by viewing the following links, spreading the message, and even signing the White House Petition below! Please share this article on Facebook and tweet this to the world on Twitter as all important links are within this article! Free Taiwan!

Website Created by ThinkTaiwan: http://taiwanprotests.com/

English “Play by Play” of all Protest Events: http://www.ketagalanmedia.com/2014/03/18/debrief-31814/

Live Video from Inside Legislative Yuan: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/longson3000

Live Blogging from Taiwan Protest: http://hackfoldr.org/congressoccupied/

Live Video of Outside Legislative Yuan: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yj9Dy0IMmi0

White House Petition to Sign: https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/oppose-trade-agreement-between-taiwan-and-china/C80BsZ11