DJ Kross Taiwan

DJ Kross: Happy Bday Cypher

I had the pleasure of meeting a young musician a couple of weeks ago here in Taipei by the name of DJ Kross. DJ Kross is a Taiwanese American music artist that lives in California. His parents are both from Taiwan and have brought him to Taiwan on several occasions to better know his roots.

As a young kid, DJ Kross was introduced to Jazz music as well as classical artists such as Mozart. This started his long journey and interest in the musical world. However, it was his brother that inspired him to start producing his own music by introducing him to FL Studio. He was immediately addicted to FL and begin producing his own music.

DJ Kross likes both Jazz as well as Hip Hop music and tends to blend these styles often in his work. Aside from playing music, DJ Kross also analyzes music and chord changes everyday as his practice. I have included a video below of his latest work which is called Happy Bday Cypher.

Please check out the video below and give him support by liking his Facebook page!

DJ Kross Facebook Fan Page:嗑螺絲/122646837834205