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StayCool “Last Christmas” MV

Well friends, I apologize for the huge delay in writing a new article here on ThinkTaiwan. It has been a very hectic and busy past two months and as many of you may know, I have moved back to San Francisco from living in Taiwan for 4 awesome months.

For the past two months, I had to find a job and get settled again which explains the lack of articles recently. But now that the hectic schedule is over and the Holidays start to set in, I am happy to again be writing for ThinkTaiwan and for all those out there who support this great Country.

One of my favorite Taiwanese music groups has just released a brand new music video and it is an American Christmas song called “Last Christmas”. The Taiwanese music group is StayCool with my friend Hsikai Hung as the lead vocal. I love Hsikai’s voice because even when he sings in English it sounds great! Hsikai Hung is also the Party Promoter at a local coffee shop in Taipei called Cafe Junkies:

Since the Christmas song “Last Christmas” is an American song, StayCool does perform this song entirely in English for all to enjoy. I love their rendition of the song and hope that this allows StayCool to have an even bigger audience outside of their home Country, Taiwan.

Watch Staycool’s music video, Last Christmas, below and be sure to “Like” them on Facebook to show your support!