I wanted to share with you a well done homemade video of 北關海潮公園 Beiguan Tidal Park in Taiwan that was created by a friend of mine by the name of 藍子 (頓悟). He just began recording his own videos throughout Taiwan to share with his friends and people who want to know more about Taiwan. I think he does a great job for someone who has just started doing this.

So far, he has created two videos and the one I have included below is of a park in Taiwan called 北關海潮公園 and in English Beiguan Tidal Park. What I find fascinating is that you cannot find much on Google for this park if you type in the English name Beiguan Tidal Park. You can only find information in Chinese which makes me curious to visit this place even more!

I do think the place looks beautiful and would be amazing if it is not well known among foreigners and tourists. It could be under the name of something else in English but so far this is all I could find. It is also the name of the park on the Tourist guide sign inside the actual park which you will see in the video.

I have included 藍子倫 (頓悟) contact information below including his new Youtube Channel! Check it out and feel free to friend him on Facebook!

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/cool20379

Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/ffighterilan