Where in the World is Taiwan?

Update!: The Taiwan Guy’s next world trip will be in Los Angeles, CA February 21st-24th! Stay tuned for more!

I created ThinkTaiwan over 1 year ago in July 2010 because I was upset about how many people didn’t know where Taiwan was in the world. But not only that, they didn’t even know anything about Taiwan! Every time I told someone that I went to Taiwan they thought I was in Thailand. I had to explain over and over again that Taiwan is NOT Thailand.

After being in Taiwan twice, once for 2 months, I realized that Taiwan has so much to offer the entire world, if only somehow the world would open its mind and hearts to the Formosa. I created my own name for Taiwan, “The Island of Bobee (保庇)” meaning the Island filled with the blessings of the gods.

This is how I honestly feel about the great Country of Taiwan. Taiwan has the most friendly people, fantastic food, wonderful nightlife which include lively night markets and Temples! Not to mention the various bars and club which are opening and welcoming to every one no matter where you come from in the world!

I came across a very heart warming and touching video that showcases Taiwan to many Countries around the world. A Taiwanese guy decided to take it upon himself to show the World what Taiwan is all about by putting on a costume of one of the many awesome gods Taiwan has and dancing around the globe making people around the world smile! Check out the video below, it truly made me tear up a bit! Well done video that I hope you share with others! Remember, Taiwan is the “Island of Bobee (保庇)”

Please check out this wonderful guy’s Facebook page and “Like” it to help him spread the message about Taiwan!: http://www.facebook.com/taiwan.sometimes