吳勇濱 Wu Yong Bin

吳勇濱 Wu Yong Bin MV

Well everyone, thanks so much for being patient with me on writing a new article! I just returned to San Francisco from being in Taiwan for 2 weeks vacation! It is difficult to sit down at computer for a long period of time when you are having so much fun at Taiwan night markets, malls, and friend’s houses!

During my flight back home from Taiwan, I was browsing the in-flight entertainment from EVA airlines and found a fairly new Taiwanese music artist that I never heard of before named 吳勇濱. He is absolutely an awesome singer and I listened to his album on the plane about 4 times!

吳勇濱 (Wu Yong Bin) is fairly young as he was born in 1990 in Taiwan. His first album came out in 2010 and am very surprised that he is not more famous than he is already. His style of music is very unique for someone his age because the music sounds more Traditional Old style rather than pop such as artists like Jay Chou.

This actually makes me love Wu Yong Bin’s (吳勇濱) music even more! He has a beautiful face which makes the below Music Video even better as well. The MV was filmed primarily in Ximending of Taipei, Taiwan which is the most popular shopping district in Taipei and also the location of the hotel I stay at each year (InnTouch Hostel)

This fact alone makes this music video very special to me as I know all the places in it. It also shows a great view of a train ride in Taiwan as well as the local subway system called MRT. Most of all, you can hear the soft pleasing voice of Wu Yong Bin 吳勇濱! Please take some time out to watch this video as you will not regret it. Also “Like” his page!

Wu Yong Bin 吳勇濱 Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/SlurBin0215