Taiwanese American Artist: Dawen

Today, I wanted to do another spotlight on a wonderful Taiwanese American Artist. Previously, I featured Eric Hsu’s band “Johnny Hi-Fi” and Young Lee’s “The Soonest“, both great Taiwanese American Artists. Today, I wanted to show the world a great artist by the name of Dawen. Dawen is a Taiwanese American who was born in Boston Massachusetts.

Dawen’s parents are both from Taiwan and he tells me that he goes back as often as he can to enjoy some of his favorite foods which include 魯肉飯 (Ground Pork over Rice) and 牛肉麵 (Beef Noodle Soup) which are also my favorites! Dawen has truly been on an amazing journey considering he is from Boston, went to High School in Hong Kong, and went to college in Chicago!

But you may ask now what is he doing? Dawen is now living in LA and has already released his very own Album! Go ahead and check it out by clicking on the word Album. One truly amazing thing I love about Dawen’s music is that he takes popular American songs and creates Chinese versions! Two of my favorite are “I want it that way” and “Friday” by Rebecca Black.

Below you will find his video of him performing “Friday” by Rebecca Black completely in Chinese! I really enjoyed it and I think you will too. I hope you feel the way I do about Dawen. I think he is truly an amazing Taiwanese American Artist that has a way of making songs his own especially when he sings the American songs in Chinese!

So alas, here is Dawen’s personal websites and contact information for everyone to follow him and his work! Enjoy! Oh and don’t forget to “Like” the post!