RPG’s New MV: “Instant Remedy”

My good friend RPG RapGuy is back with his latest MV (Music video) titled “Instant Remedy”. Some of you may remember that I previously featured RPG and his first music video 喝酒了 (Drinking). You can see that feature by clicking here. RPG is an underground Taiwanese Rap Artist originally from Tainan but now living in Taipei.

RPG welcomed me into his home earlier this year and even took me out to a traditional Taiwanese day market to buy traditional Taiwanese ingredients to cook me a meal! He cooked the most fantastic Taiwanese meal that I have ever ate. He then taught me how to play Mahjong, a traditional Taiwanese/Chinese game which we played with all of his roommates!

I will never ever forget and will always cherish the kindness that RPG and his roommates showed me while I was in Taiwan. He will always be a close friend to me and I will always share his music to the fans of ThinkTaiwan because not only is he a great friend but also a wonderful music artist! His style of Rap and hip hop is unique and flavored with Taiwan “traditional ingredients”.

Check out his latest music video below called Instant Remedy. I really enjoyed it and hope you will also! Let me know what you think and please follow RPG at his various websites listed below! Thanks everyone!

RPG Facebook Fan Page: http://www.facebook.com/RaPGuyRPG

RPG Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/RPGTaiwan

RPG’s Blog: http://www.wretch.cc/blog/rapguy