Underground Rap Artist RPG in Taiwan!

There is an amazing underground music scene in Taiwan. It would take forever to begin to highlight all the many great underground artists on the Formosa (Taiwan). However, I am going to do my best throughout this blog to do just that! Too many great artists in Taiwan go unnoticed and undiscovered.

My main purpose here on ThinkTaiwan.com is to give a voice to those underground artists that deserve to be seen and heard! One of my new friends in Taiwan is one of those underground artists in Taiwan and is known as RPG or RAPGUY. He is an underground rap artist to be exact. He has created some fabulous music that I am now addicted to listening to.

My favorite song of RPG RAPGUY is called “So in love with you” which contains both Chinese lyrics and English lyrics making it a song fit for a variety of listeners. Listen to this song at http://tw.beta.streetvoice.com/music/Rapguy/song/125989/

More of his great music can be found by going to http://tw.streetvoice.com/profile/home.asp?sd=1489

I have included below a wonderfully done MV (music video) below of a song he did with a coworker of his named 小人 which means “Shorty” in English. The song in the below MV is called 喝酒了 translated in English as “Drinking”. Hope everyone supports RPG (RAPGUY) by subscribing to his Youtube videos at https://www.youtube.com/user/kungfusuki