Young Lee and his band The Soonest!

I usually don’t post about Taiwanese American artists since my good friend HoChie Tsai has that pretty well covered on his own great site, However, for the past few months I have become good friends with a wonderful Taiwanese American artist by the name of Young Lee.

I thought I should share with everyone here the great talent of Young Lee who started a band by the name of The Soonest. The Soonest is formerly known as Lion Riding Horses. However, a name change was made to The Soonest due to controversy over the former name.

I have had the pleasure of seeing Young Lee and his band The Soonest perform live a couple of times here in San Francisco. They put on an excellent show with some unbelievable talent. Young Lee’s father is from Taipei, Taiwan while his mother is from Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Young himself however was born and raised in Marietta, Georgia.

Young Lee is not only Taiwanese American but also a talented song writer and singer. He formed the band Lion Riding Horses now known as The Soonest in late 2009. They began performing at live venues in 2010 and are now recording their very own music album which is due to release this month!

Below you are going to find their very first music video ever done! It is a song called “Ghosts” and is completely filmed in his current city, San Francisco California. I am very proud to be able to call myself a friend of Young. He is such an amazing and talented person both of which are no doubt in part due to his Taiwanese upbringing.

Please visit The Soonest’s Facebook fan page by going to You may also view their very own blog by going to And whatever you do please buy their first album once it is released! I know you will not regret it in any way! Their music is the bomb! Check it out for yourself by watching the below music video!