Freestyle Streetball in Taichung Taiwan

I am a big fan of basketball and I am a big fan of watching freestyle dancing. What could be better than mixing up  a little freestyle dancing with some old fashioned streetball? I came across someone from Taichung, Taiwan who put together some really cool videos of guys playing Streetball in Taichung as well as doing a little Freestyle dancing.

I think this guy did a good job on the videos and it’s always fun to see a side of Taiwan that not many people know about. Streetball seems to be a highly popular past time in Taiwan and not only in Taichung but also in Taipei! Below you will find one of the videos that I think is pretty cool! Check it out to see what I am talking about. Oh, and you can also check out more of this guy’s videos on his own blog at

He also has more blogs that have some great content. Check out the following blogs as well if you can! (TTS Forum)

So go ahead and check out the video below but also stop by his blog to show him some love. His nickname is “Free.myname”