Eric Hsu and his band Johnny Hi-Fi!

UPDATE: Check out Johnny Hi-Fi’s brand new music video Politician

If you like Indie Rock music then you are going to love Johnny Hi-Fi! Johnny Hi-Fi is a band whose lead singer is a Taiwan native, Eric Hsu. Eric Hsu was born in Taipei, Taiwan in 1973. He moved to Houston Texas at the age of 14 and eventually went on to graduate from the University of Texas at Austin with a degree in Computer Science.

In 1992, while at the University of Texas, Eric formed a band named Megalo which performed well over 200 shows in just a 3 year time period! However, in 1999 Eric Hsu was offered a job in New York for an advertising agency. This is where Eric formed the great band, Johnny Hi-Fi which has already released 7 albums!

Johnny Hi-Fi has performed concerts all over the US and Asia including Eric’s hometown of Taipei, Taiwan. Eric also has a brother by the name of Kevin Hsu which at one time was a Taiwanese Pop Star from 1996 to 1997. More about Kevin and his music can be found by clicking here. Kevin’s personal website is

Johnny Hi-Fi has also appeared on MTV where it reached #8 on MTV’s Chi’s Top 10 video charts which helped them earn the “Artist of the Month” on Billboard Magazines Underground series and a feature in their magazine. Eric Hsu currently resides in Oakland, California and his band frequently performs concerts at various Bay Area Venues.

I highly recommend anyone who supports Taiwanese artists to pick up the latest CD from Johnny Hi-Fi titled “Love Sold me Out” which can easily be purchased on iTunes or even by going to

Here is a song by Johnny Hi-Fi called “Politician” which appears on their latest album, Love Sold me out. Take a listen to this song to get an idea of how great this band is! Just listen by clicking the title of the song here: Politician by Johnny Hi-Fi

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