Taiwan is not just an amazing, fun, and friendly place but also a very progressive place! I have been introduced to a group in Taiwan who celebrate Gay Pride through the art of music and dance. Their group name is 彩虹時代 or Rainbow Generation in English.I am sure many people do not automatically assume Taiwan would be such an open and progressive place.

However, Taiwan is taking great strides to become the most open minded Asian country in the world! You might be shocked to hear that Taiwan is the only Asian country in the entire world whose government has proposed the idea of Gay Marriage! It has not been approved as of today but this goes to show that Taiwan is beginning to open the door for even more freedoms, some of which America does not even provide!

Take a look at the below video of 彩虹時代 Rainbow Generation. In this video, you will see them performing a dance routine from a Taiwanese girl group called S.H.E. 彩虹時代 Rainbow Generation is gaining popularity in Taiwan and have already appeared on a Taiwanese Variety Show! More videos of 彩虹時代 Rainbow Generation can be seen on their Youtube account by clicking here.