RPG Juzzy Orange 愛情十件事

RPG feat. Juzzy Orange MV: 愛情十件事

The amazing Taiwanese Hip Hop artist and rapper, RPG has done it again with a brand new Music Video that features the always talented, Juzzy Orange. This music video titled 愛情十件事 (“Ten Things of Love”) features Tower and 開水小姐 a.k.a. “Water”, both artists from the group Juzzy Orange.

Today just so happens to be Chinese Valentine’s Day which makes this video even more special today since the English title is Ten Things of Love. 開水小姐 is the lead vocalist of Juzzy Orange and has such a beautiful voice as you can see by watching this music video. She sings wonderfully without needing to try hard at all!

Tower is also from Juzzy Orange and is the one playing the guitar in this video. And who doesn’t know RPG by now? He is the ever talented Hip Hop artist from Tainan, Taiwan and is singing along with 開水小姐 (Water) in this fantastic duet. 愛情十件事 was just released yesterday so I am proud to be able to showcase this song for you!

愛情十件事 talks about the ten things a boy should do for his girl to show his love. Things such as quit smoking and even massage the girl’s feet after a long hard day of working. Such a perfect song out there for all the love birds on this Chinese Valentine’s day! Be good to your lover on this great day.

This particular music video was recorded by 樂人 MEDIA and the clothes you see RPG wearing are from Puff Nation Apparels Inc. Please be sure to watch the video, “Like” it, and share it with your friends to help spread the word of these great Taiwanese music artists.