I am proud to introduce a Taiwanese music group by the name of 阿三 & Eric. 阿三 & Eric is a three member Taiwan music group from Taitung. These guys are really amazing musicians and they decided to team up with an awesome media company here in Taiwan called Yuran Media to do this amazing music video filmed on location at 南門市場 (Nanmen Traditional Market)

Yuran Media’s purpose is to allow the young generation in Taiwan have a voice that makes a difference, whether it be through music or designing. Started by 5 college students in Taiwan, Yuran Media have put together something called 樂人 Live Sessions which feature Taiwanese music artists in a “Live” setting such as this music video by  阿三 & Eric titled Pink Pink.

阿三 & Eric is comprised of the Lead vocalist: 廖阿三, Guitarist : Eric, and Vincent who plays the drum looking instrument. Please help support local music in Taiwan by visiting their Fanpage on Facebook and giving them a “Like”. Also, please be sure to like “Yuran Media’s” page on Facebook to help support the growth of Taiwan talent!

阿三 & Eric Fanpage: http://www.facebook.com/R3nEric

Yuran Media Fanpage: http://www.facebook.com/yuranmedia