Trying Times 眾神護台灣 MV

Another fantastic find of a great Taiwanese music group is Trying Times led by lead vocal and song writer Brien John. Trying times started their group in 1998 and is comprised of several Songshan High School students who decided they wanted to be in a band together. Believe it or not, they started out as a total acapella group but started using instruments in 2007 to gain more exposure.

It is a little difficult to describe their type of music, but I think the best description would be a “Jazzy soul” type of rhythm with a touch of Taiwan flavoring for good measure. Trying Times says they are inspired by Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, and Boyz II Men which can be seen in some of their songs.

Brien John of Trying Times is a wonderful person and I am glad to help him promote his group. The rest of Trying Times are B-Jam (Vocals), 大樹 (Vocals), Frank (Vocals), 安通尼 (Guitar), Dawson (bass), CJ (Vocals, Keyboard), and Saul (Drums, Vocals). In this post, I have included below the Music video (MV) of one of their great songs called 眾神護台灣 which in English means Gods Protect Taiwan. I love the title of this song as it is similar to my name for Taiwan, “The Island of Bobee (God’s blessings)”.

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