Gary Taiwan is my Homeland

Gary’s “Taiwan is my Homeland” Brand

Many of the fans of ThinkTaiwan are either living in Taiwan or are from Taiwan. This means that many of you can honestly say that Taiwan is your Homeland. Unfortunately, I am not from Taiwan and I do not currently live in Taiwan. However, as most of you know, my goal is to live in Taiwan long term eventually. One day I would like to easily say Taiwan is my Homeland.

There is a shirt that is getting really popular in Taiwan that says “Taiwan is my Homeland” which was created by my friend Gary. I am amazed at how popular this shirt got and how fast it got so popular. In fact, I am honored to say that I was the first person to ever get one of these shirts! I didn’t realize this until recently when Gary told me this! How excited I was to hear this!

However, it doesn’t stop at shirts! Gary has created a whole line of products with his Taiwan is my Homeland brand which include Towels, Hats, and even Headphones to listen to your music in Taiwan style! Be proud of being Taiwanese and get your hands on some of his items! Here is how:

Gary is also the creator of the brand “Sure I’m Taiwanese“, “I’m from Taiwan“, “Love, Faith, Hope“, among others. Below is a video showing the fame and popularity of his brand “Taiwan is my Homeland”. I am proud to say that you can see me in the Taiwan is my Homeland shirt in the “About” section of ThinkTaiwan. Please follow his fan pages and watch this amazing video!

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