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Juzzy Orange MV: Soul Girl

Hey Friends! So, I am sure everyone remembers my recent post about the Taiwanese rapper by the name of Ziggy. Ziggy is a part of the Taiwanese group Juzzy Orange. Juzzy Orange just came out with their first official Music video today and I am proud to have it featured on ThinkTaiwan before anyone else has a chance to feature it!

Juzzy Orange is quite amazing to be honest. I have had the pleasure of making friends with almost all of the crew and all of them have been the most friendliest people to talk to! Not only that, their English is quite fantastic as I have never had a time when we couldn’t understand each other. Oh, and a great thing about their music video, Soul Girl, is that the song is in English!

The fact that Juzzy Orange’s song Soul Girl is in English helps with gaining a fan base in America along with other parts of the English speaking world. As you watch their first official music video you will see how talented this group is as well as all the potential they have at gaining a fan base around the world and not just in Taiwan.

Ziggy leads the vocals in Soul Girl as you will see him the most in this video. However, the entire crew of Juzzy Orange appears in this video including Tower I-Chun Tao with the exception of the one member who created the beat for this song, Goodie, as he had to be performing Military service at the time this video was filmed. However, his beats in this song display his spirit in his absence.

RPG Rapguy also makes a cameo appearance in this music video as the bartender in the bar that Ziggy is drinking at. I am sure you guys remember the great artist RPG that I have written about on multiple occasions. I love the fact that Taiwan’s hip hop community is close knit with wonderful friendships. Ok, I digress. Please remember to visit Juzzy Orange’s Facebook Fan page and “Like” it.

Enjoy the first official music video of Juzzy Orange the awesome song called Soul Girl and please share with your friends!

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