Sunflower Influence of Taiwan Elections

I am extremely proud of the Taiwanese people in this moment of history! Yesterday, the Taiwanese people went to the voting booths to decide the direction their Country will move in, in the upcoming years. This particular election was the most important election in their voting history which started in 1996.

For the past 16 years, the KMT have been the ruling party of Taipei, the capital of Taiwan. Today, this has changed when the Taiwanese people stood up for what they truly believe in, by voting a DPP backed candidate, Ko Wen-je. No one can deny the fact that the reason Taiwan’s majority ruling party is now the DPP is directly influenced by the Sunflower Movement.

The Sunflower Student protests and occupation of Taiwan Government buildings paved the way for the Taiwanese people to vote with their heart and not with their fears. The young generation of Taiwan is poised to resist any temptations of becoming “One with China” and avoid the mistakes that Hong Kong has made.

This morning while reading this news on my way to work, I was literally in tears, tears of joy of course. I am extremely moved by the Spirit of Taiwan and the strength by which they have gotten themselves through the past year after all the protests and occupations. It is a happy moment when they can look at themselves as victors in a movement towards Freedom and Independence.

Take a moment of your day and watch the moving video below as it displays the acts of courage and hope that led the Taiwanese people to decide the future of their very own Country. 台灣加油!