English Interview: Freddy Lim 林昶佐

Taiwan has changed the political landscape of it’s Country in one historic election to begin the new year! The Presidential Election of 2016 in Taiwan has changed the face of Taiwan for years to come. Tsai Ing-Wen has been elected the first female President of the Country.

In the landslide victory, the KMT party suffered an embarrassing defeat across the legislature with the DPP party gaining 68 of 113 seats! However, the DPP wasn’t the only victor in the crushing defeat of the KMT. The “New Power Party” also gained itself 5 seats in the Legislature.

The “New Power Party” is a very new party which developed out of the Sunflower Movement which included multiple protests against the way in which the KMT governed the Country and how they tried to become closer and closer with China.

One of the main Party leaders of the newly formed New Power Party is Taiwanese rock star, Freddy Lim 林昶佐 of Chtonic. I am extremely happy and excited that Freddy Lim was one of the party members to be elected to the Legislature of Taiwan in this historic election!

One of my friends, Klaus Bardenhagen is a German reporter living in Taiwan. He was able to sit down with Freddy Lim 林昶佐 for an interview in English to gain a better understanding of why Freddy decided to get into politics and what this means for him and the Country of Taiwan.

Check out the full English interview below and don’t forget to Subscribe to Klaus’s Youtube for more amazing coverage of Taiwan! So proud of Taiwan, ThinkTaiwan.com is a supporter of both the DPP and the newly formed “New Power Party” !