Go around Free wear taipei yujei yeh

Go Around Free Wear by Yujei

If you have ever been to the Ximen district in Taipei (see my last article) you probably have seen and heard about the Red House theatre. Often at night you will see a large amount of covered tents and lots of wandering people viewing some absolutely amazing designs and creations of inspired Taiwanese people.

Tonight, I happen to run into an extremely talented Taiwanese Artist that has designed some very cool Tshirts (and other things). His name is Yujei Yeh and his company is called Go Around and was founded in 2010. The moment I saw his shirts on display I just knew this guy has some amazing talented ideas and tons of creativity with passion to go with it.

The idea behind Yujei’s company, Go Around, is to inspire the people of Taiwan to travel around the Island and to literally “Go Around”. As many of my readers know, this is also one of my many reasons for writing ThinkTaiwan as I hope to inspire the people of Taiwan to see the true beauty in this wonderful Country.

I strongly believe that both Yujei Yeh and I share the strong desire for the Taiwanese community to set their focus on travel as traveling is truly a great way to be inspired and to find something to be passionate about. On Go Around’s website you will find in the “About” section that Yujei also wants people to travel to other Countries as well.

So please help me support local Taiwanese artists and their passion and creativity to help change the world! Do this by visiting their Facebook page and giving them a “Like” and share this article with all your friends.  Oh and buy one of his shirts online! The world needs to see what awesome artists live in Taiwan and can help inspire the whole world.

Go Around Facebook FanPage: http://www.facebook.com/GoAroundFreeWear

Go Around Official Website: http://www.goaround.com.tw/

Go Around Online Store: http://tw.user.bid.yahoo.com/tw/user/Y9642179234

Don’t forget to “Like” this article by clicking the Like button below the picture. This picture is Go Around’s Original Design by Yujei Yeh! (click it to enlarge) His online store or booth at Red house in Ximen has many more!

Go around taiwan shirt original design
Original Design