Magic Power Taiwan band MV

魔幻力量 Magic Power MV: 让我罩着你

I have recently discovered a fairly new Taiwanese band/group called 魔幻力量 which is Magic Power in English. They have been around for about a year now. I have included a video in this post of their most recent song called 让我罩着你 which in English means “Let me Take Care of you”. The video here actually includes the English subtitles for all my English speaking readers.

This song is heartwarming and touches on a very real subject. It’s not a typical love song, thankfully. It actually details the love between a Son and his Father! The Son is the one telling the story in this song and is letting his Father know that he will always love and take care of him since he did the same for him as he grew up.

It is a very sincere and heartfelt song and thanks to my good friend Johnny in Taiwan he found the English subtitles version of this for me! I hope you enjoy the video below please leave comments and let me know what you think!