Gumhoo Taiwan Shopping

Gumhoo: Shopping Advice from Friends

I want to introduce you to a brand new way to shop with your friends brought to you by a brilliant Taiwanese Entrepreneur, Tai Ku Chen.  It’s called Gumhoo, a start up currently in “beta” stage. Gumhoo comes from the Taiwanese term 干厚 which means “is it good?” or “should I do this?”. This is exactly what Gumhoo is all about, shopping advice from your friends!

Tai Ku Chen and his team have managed to create a wonderful product that allows shoppers to get instant advice from their friends using their mobile device. If you are in Taiwan at a night market or at a shopping mall in America you can use the Gumhoo mobile app to take a picture of the item you are considering to buy. You can instantly send this photo to a friend or group of friends asking them to say “Get it” or “Hold it”.

They can then instantly respond with their advice on whether or not you should buy that particular item! This is a fantastic new way to shop with your friends when your friends can’t be by your side at that moment. No longer do you have to shop alone even if you are physically alone! This is the brilliance of the Gumhoo mobile app.

Gumhoo also has an online platform in which users can create shopping lists of things they have found on the web that they are considering to buy, but would first like the advice of their friends. Alternatively, you can also use their online platform for creating a unique bridal registry. Personally, I love the idea of using Gumhoo for a bridal registry because it is so simple.

Tai Ku Chen mentions in the video below that one amazing benefit of his product is the fact that you are not confined to one store or one website when using this tool so that gifts for the Bridal Registry can be unique and varied. I highly encourage you to share this tool with your friends especially those trying to plan a wedding!

Gumhoo mobile app is amazing! I hope that you will download the app now and find out how fun and cool it is to play with. This app works anywhere like I said before even if you are at a night market clothing booth in Taiwan or at a Macy’s in America. I am very proud to call Tai Ku Chen a friend as he has done an amazing job at getting this product created and released.

Tai Ku Chen is originally from Taichung, Taiwan but now lives in Taipei. I truly hope that Taiwan continues to develop such amazing talented Entrepreneurs so that the world can know how wonderful a place Taiwan is for many many things. Please watch the demo video below for Gumhoo to get a better idea of how it works. Also, please check out their website as well and sign up, it’s FREE! Oh, and “Like” their Fan page too Thanks !