I found another fantastic Taiwanese singer and a wonderful song! The singer is 吳志寧 and his song that I love the most is called 全心全意愛你 which means “Wholeheartedly Love You”. I found a lot of Youtube videos of 吳志寧 and have embedded one below on this post of the song I like, 全心全意愛你.

I really love to know what everyone thinks of this song! If you guys could comment below using the Facebook comment feature that would be fantastic. I want to know if anyone else out there likes this song as much as I do. I have this guy gets more popular as time moves on. I think he has a wonderful voice and stage presence and it doesn’t hurt that he is attractive haha!

Here is 吳志寧 ‘s information such as his personal Blog and Facebook fan page! Make sure to “like” and subscribe to him!

吳志寧 Facebook Fan Page: http://www.facebook.com/zulinwu?ref=ts&sk=wall

吳志寧 Personal Blog: http://929.blogspot.com/