House Boyz 室內男孩

House Boyz 室內男孩

House Boyz 室內男孩 is an up and coming Taiwanese Hip Hop group based in Taichung, Taiwan. The group is comprised of two hip hop artists by the name of R.J. Wang and 李髮店 who both are wonderful music artists. They take their musical inspiration from artists such as Michael Jackson, Eminem, and Chris Brown.

I included below their song “Thank U” which is pretty chill and laid back. Also, you will find the links to their Streetvoice page as well as Facebook fan page. If you like their music show your support by following them and giving them some Facebook love!

House Boyz 室內男孩 FanPage:室內男孩/193718640663546

House Boyz 室內男孩 Streetvoice:

House Boyz 室內男孩 Record Label:西岸唱片/290238030768