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Formo Sir was born in Taipei, Taiwan but is currently living in California while he studies in University. He believes strongly in peace, unity, love and nature which is what he does his best to emphasize through Hip Hop music. Formo Sir has the vision to bring Taiwanese Hip Hop back to its real roots of these strong core Taiwanese values and I believe he will do it.

I urge that anyone who believes in these same values and those who love Taiwan Hip Hop help support Formo Sir and his music. Please go to his Fanpage and click the “Like” button to show your support and to keep up with all his latest music hits as they come out fresh!

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Those of you with good music knowledge might be able to tell that this song is sampled from a music legend named Paul Anka! Now, take a listen to “Can’t Define” by Formo Sir and share it with your friends!