F.J FreshKidz

F.J FreshKidz Taiwan

See more of F.J FreshKidz at http://taiwanhiphop.com/artist/fjfreshkidz/

F.J FreshKidz is a Taiwanese Hip Hop Rap artist based out of Taichung, Taiwan. I am a fan of his music and think he will definitely continue to put out some fantastic music. Most of his music is of course in Chinese but he often incorporates English into his songs as his English is quite good.

F.J FreshKidz is part of the Record label FreshKidz and Block House. He started performing in 2001 in Taiwan and is continuing strong today with over 2,000 Facebook fans. I have included below his song “Better Know” which is really well done. Please check it out as well as his complete YouTube channel and give him a “Like” on Facebook!

F.J FreshKidz Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/FJ/153713474703365

F.J FreshKidz YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/FJFreshKidz